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Our goal is to LOVE our customers, and our workplace.  We are building up a business that focuses on integrity, ethics, and passion! We want to change the environment in a place of stress by being totally innovative in the child and nursery industry.  We will accomplish this by employing honest, reliable, friendly, caring, committed, efficient and confident employees along with applying support systems in place to assist our employees and our clients.

Working at Sweet Lullabies you will have to show the following traits:

  • Pizazz, flair and style :)
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Caring, willing to go out of your way for both other staff and employees, not even chasing a thankyou - just because you care
  • Diligent
  • Brilliant time management
  • Systemisation skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Work well with others
  • Have a sense of humour
  • Enjoy helping parents and carers make the safest decisions for the children in their care, by learning and researching.

How To Apply:
Simply read the job description then shoot your resume to [email protected], or personally hand your resume to us in store.
2 x Sales Assistant Required
Currently there is one position that needs to be filled for sales assistant
Applications Close: 6pm Friday 29th July 2022.

Short Description:
Sweet Lullabies are looking for 2 new team members specifically for weekend work, but there will be 1 or 2 week day shifts as well.

Approx 20 Hrs / Week *Weekend work will apply
In addition to the above skills a Sales assistants must have:

  • Great communications skills
  • Innovative ideas that'll knock our socks off
  • Good computer skills - including basic spreadsheets and word processing
  • Work exceptionally well with others, providing support to team members
  • Physically active, as it's retail and boxes will have to be moved
  • A Passion to help people
  • Available to be called in to cover other shifts if when necessary

* The position will require weekend work, after training both Saturday and Sunday's, for up to 3 weekends a month.

Previous experience in the nursery industry is not necessary, but it definitely would be helpful if an applicant has worked with wholesalers or retailers before.
If you feel you have something to offer then shoot your resume to [email protected].

Do I need to have children
Pfft, Not at all!  Retail is simple, and while having children will give you a great understanding of a parents needs (not just for sleep) the best quality you can have is your personality so don't let that stop you from applying.  What you do need though is a hunger to serve.

I don't think I can work on weekends...or much during the week...
Probably not the best thing to mention when applying for a job huh? But unfortunately this is retail and the successful applicant will be required to work most weekends.  As for during the week, an awesome team member should be able to work when your employer calls you.

Do I need to have a resume
Surprisingly not! You could simply smash us with an amazing email about why you would be a good fit for the job, along with your contact details and what you can bring to Sweet Lullabies.  The reason we are so flexible is because some of our VERY BEST employees have come on board without a resume!  We understand that mums particularly may have spent a little time out of work and haven't dusted the cobwebs off their old resume for whatever reason - but time and time again these people have been our most honest, caring and uplifting employees.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by phone, email or the "contact us" form below;