Customer support

Welcome to our brand spankin' new website!

We'd love to hear your feedback, and any suggestions that you'd like us to take care of so please fill in the contact form and we'll get back to you ASAP :)

If you have any orders in our old system that aren't showing up in our new one then don't stress, we still have the old one active and can recall any data that you need.

Why have we changed?

We've upgraded to a system because;

 - Customers can now see an automated ETA of when they will receive their items before they order (YAY!)
 - Increased communication with the client, with our newly created help desk
 - Better order tracking
 - Live and up to date product details, including specials - so now *everything* at *all* times should match instore pricing

What problems are we having?

Well....not that we are whinging (cos we are so excited!!!);

 - Some orders haven't been pulled through from the old system (so don't stress, just contact us and we'll be able to fix it)
 - Products are taking more time than we expected to link up to our live system so you'll notice a heap missing - if you'd like information on anything please shoot us an email and we'll try to focus on those items
 - Products are sometimes making themselves invisible randomly...which makes it fun to find them :)  Sometimes even entire categories go walkabout - but this will only be temporary while we are linking things up.  If you are trying to find something that's not here then please shoot us an email or fill in the contact form here :)

Thanks HEAPS for you patience!!!

Sweet Lullabies Team



Awesome!  We might have the answer :)