Layby's are a great way to get out of storing goods, and paying for them at a more manageable bite size regular payment!  Sweet Lullabies treat layby's differently though, which offers a little more freedom.

Each layby runs as an account (or tab) under your name, from this account as long as regular payments are made you can continue the layby for the entire term of your pregnancy or even longer!  So you can even add a highchair on your layby while you are still paying off your furniture - knowing that you are going to pickup your furniture before the baby is born, and still keep the highchair on layby until you actually need the product!  The only requirement is regular payments of any size, weekly or fortnightly!

Terms and Conditions

  • All products can be layby'd, unless it is a clearance item or displays "No layby"
  • A 20% non refundable deposit is required
  • Your layby term will run for 12 weeks from date created, term can be extended as needed as long as regular weekly or fortnightly payments are being made
  • Payments can be made by Phone, or in store
  • If a layby is cancelled then the non-refundable service and storage fee will apply of 20% of total of goods
  • Goods remain at Sweet Lullabies for the duration of the layby, and also remain the property of Sweet Lullabies until the final payment
  • Items may be picked up before completion of the layby as long as the total value paid by client still exceeds 20% of the total value of items still held on layby.  For example if a highchair valued at $100 is going to remain on layby, yet a pram on the same layby is picked up - then the entire value of the pram and the 20% of value for the highchair must still remain paid on the clients account for them to take home the pram.