Price Matching Policy


Thanks for giving us the chance to price match! :)


This is how we do it...

If you find a cheaper price then we will not only price match for you but we will change our price for 30 days for EVERYONE! We know this sounds crazy simple;


This is why we do it...

This industry seems to have a huge amount of "specials", inflated prices that get discounted for a "limited time" every couple of weeks. That's a marketing campaign we don't have the ability or know how to keep up with!

There is also the awkward conversation of "Surely you can do a better price", oh man...this is bad for everyone.  It makes it awkward for both the customers and the staff but worse still it inflates the price for the nicer customers that are just looking for good service without playing the retail buying games!  We just want to know we have awesome service and the right product for you at a great price. The Sweet staff are awesome and just want to serve you the best they can in the most exciting journey of your life!


Its Simple...

If you bring in a price match you help keep the price FAIR for everyone! Everyone wins!


In Store Price Matching

Conditions (Important!);

  • That the customer doesn't get offended when you ask for a discount and we say no! :)

Bring a copy of the catalog in store with you and we will get a manager to approve the price on the condition the items are identical, include freight, backed by an Australian warranty, in stock, and the store has an Australian account with the Australian wholesaler.


Online Price Matching

This is a little tricky as there tends to be a little deception online and we need to make sure we are comparing apples with apples. To do this Sweet Lullabies need you to:

1. Email us at [email protected] with either a link to the competitors price, including freight or a copy of their quote from your shopping cart.

and then be patient while we:

1. Check the products are identical, and Australian
2. Check the competitors web store actually has an Australian account with the wholesaler
3. Check the competitors store is a registered Australian business or company
4. Check the competitors availability on the item
5. Check the item has an Australian Warranty backing it up (ie. not from Amazon, Ebay)