Our driving desire is to keep people connected.

Founded in 2003, 100% Aussie owned Oricom is an expert in communication technologies and a leader in design and ideas.

We know that while technology advances, talk is timeless, so we create products that use the newest technologies to meet your changing needs at every stage in life.

Through a diverse product offering divided into 3 distinct areas; Oricom Baby Care, Oricom UHF CB Radios and Oricom Care Phones (to assist those having difficulty with communicating), we bring you true quality at realistic prices every time.

Because we are 100% Australian owned, we have firsthand understanding of the unique communication challenges facing our customers here in Australia and New Zealand. Because of this knowledge and expertise, our products are built specifically for local conditions and have been expertly engineered to be technically exact and very robust. We pride ourselves on quality engineering paired with functional and attractive design.

We also understand the importance of service and support. Our business is built to ensure that we can look after you and your needs long after you have left the shop with an Oricom product.

We are proud to be a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant, a unique initiative between government, industry and community, set up to divert packaging waste from landfill.

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