'Home by the Sea'

The term 'Kooringal' literally means home by the sea. Holiday and beach escapes are an integral part of the Australian way of life.

The team at Kooringal are more than a little fond of spending hours and hours in the pool and surf. We have dutifully accepted this ritual as part and parcel of endless summer days.

Hit the beach - hello sunshine, hello swimsuit, hello a good hat and a book! This is our summer uniform.


Since its inception in 1986, Kooringal Hats has established itself as one of the most sought after headwear brands in the market. With its essence firmly planted in the sand, the brand captures design, quality and versatility like no one else.  The Kooringal range extends over ladies and men’s with over 300 styles. Kooringal hats are available in both a summer and winter ranges.


Our team of representatives can customise a range to suit your business. We have several types of stands to suit your business and needs and regular stock service is part of our commitment to customer service excellence.

Thousands of stockists nationally and internationally help us deliver our vision of style, versatility and affordability.

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