Like all the best ideas, Bambeado started as a simple solution to a big problem.  As a first time mother, Kate Brown (founder of Bambeado) found that during the testing and sometimes stressful period of her first child’s teething, she was being overwhelmed by conflicting information and advice from all kinds of well-meaning sources. Therefore the second time around she was determined to do it her way, simply and naturally. She was at first sceptical about Baltic Amber beads when a friends child was spotted with a gorgeous little Baltic amber necklace, but was soon blown away by the whole experience. From these humble beginnings, Bambeado was born in 2010. 

A combination of a strong belief in Bambeado products and a determination to bring them to the attention of mothers everywhere helped sustain this little business in the early days. Word of mouth is an extremely powerful thing and it was not long before the support of customers across Australia and New Zealand became quite overwhelming. 
Bambeado is committed to sourcing products that are beautiful, natural and practical for mums on the go. This dedication to quality has seen Bambeado grow from humble beginnings into a global business. Their products can be found in over 400 stores throughout New Zealand and Australia, plus a strong presence through China, Singapore, Malaysia and the newly opened US market. 

Today Bambeado is owned by Andrew Murray and Linda Chase. With a wee princess of their own and another on the way they understand how much it means as a parent to provide only the very best for their children. Bambeado provides this quality, they believe, in a consistent and affordable way and they feel a very real responsibility to uphold those values that have been there from the start – to provide simple, natural and high quality products for our precious little angels.
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