BabyDan Flex BabyDan Play Pen with mat White

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A baby playpen can be a very useful thing to have. Either to protect your baby from pets or young siblings or from him-/herself once mobile. By having your baby safe in the playpen means that you can take your eyes of him/her for a moment to take a phone call, answer the door etc.

It is vital that the mat inside a playpen is secured to the frame so the two cannot be separated and hence moved individually. Therefore the BabyDan Flex Playpen comes with a padded mat that attaches to the frame with ties. The mat is fully machine washable.

The Flex Baby Playpen also has a gate which makes it easy for you to put your child in or out. No need to bend over the side.

Once you no longer need the playpen, you can convert it into a baby safety gate by adding a set of mounting brackets. Please read about the BabyDan Flex Configure System to view the possibilities.

The playpen kit includes 1 gate, 3 x 72cm panels and 2 x 33cm panels. Assembled size 105W x 72H x 72W cm. You can extend the size of the playpen by adding extra panels.

Available in white only.

INCLUDES: 1 Flex Playpen in white with padded mat in grey.

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