Baby Studio Organic Cotton My First Studio Bag - 1.0 Tog Organic

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Sleeping made safe stylish and multifunctional

Baby Studio "Studio Bag" has been designed as a safe sleep alternative for the child who kicks their blankets off in the middle of the night and rolls around a gets wrapped up in the excess material.

The Baby Studio Organic Bag is made from Natural Fibres to ensure the allegy sufferer has a safe night sleep.

This unique sleeping bag gives the child the feeling of being snug and cosy while allowing the freedom to stretch out their arms.

The Summer studio bag (for room temperatures between 20 - 24 degrees) has also been designed as a 2 in 1 reversible sleeping bag with cosy fabric (solid colour side/100% Jersey Cotton) and a cooler fabric (pattern side/100% woven cotton) for the changing sleep environment.

It also has a buckle feature to allow a baby to be placed securely in a stroller/car seat or bouncer with the buckle locking baby into place.

Item weight = 0.04Kg

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