Baby Studio Cotton Swaddle Wrap

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Is your baby a wriggler ?

Do they want their arms to break free from their wrap ?

Are they constantly waking themselves up during rest time by touching their face ?

Then the Baby Studio Swaddlewrap is perfect to resolve these sleeping dilemmas.

Baby Studio: providing Safe Sleeping Alternatives to solve those sleeping dilemmas.



* The swaddlewrap has been designed with heavy duty Velcro to ensure babies arms are wrapped tightly and unable to escape.

* Babies arms are able to be placed with arms down by their side, across their chest or a multiple of other ways to ensure a cosy and comfortable night sleep.

* Once beyond the 'STARTLE PHASE', you will be able to adjust your method of wrapping. Baby can place one arm up or out of the wrap while one still tucked under. Then both arms can be out with the Velcro wrapped around their chest.

* designed with 100% cotton to ensure a soft cotton next to babies skin.

* generous pouch design to ensure baby's hips and legs can fall naturally into a "frog like position".

* 100% cotton to ensure a soft cotton next to babies skin.

* Available in a multiple of designs.

* The large size swaddlewrap is suitable for a baby (as a guide) 6-9kgs/3-9 months/65-80cm

Item weight = 0.02Kg

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