Baby Studio Cotton Studio Bag with Arms - 3.0 Tog Clouds - Pink

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Sleeping made safe stylish and multifunctional Baby Studio "Studio Bag" has been designed as a safe sleep alternative for the child who kicks their blankets off in the middle of the night and rolls around a gets wrapped up in the excess material.


The all year round studio bag (for room temperatures between 16 - 20 degrees) has also been designed as a 2 in 1 reversible sleeping bag with cosy fabric (solid colour side/100% Jersey Cotton) and a cooler fabric (pattern side/100% woven cotton) for the changing sleep environment. It also has a buckle feature to allow a baby to be placed securely in a stroller/car seat or bouncer with the buckle locking baby into place. Baby Studio Studio Bag size suggestion (as a guide): Length of bag approx 98cm for a child up to 128cm Width of bag approx 40cm across the chest

Item weight = 0.04Kg

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