Baby BeeHinds Petite AI2

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If a TRIM FIT is your priority, then look no further! These nappies are as slim-line as a disposable & perfect for under clothes. The inserts are made from 2 layers of our customised bamboo fleece which consists of 60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester.
Features & useful info

  • Super trim - the bikini style shape & elasticated front & back waists are designed to stay snug where it matters & keep messes contained!  
  • Minkee Outer (Velvety soft & gentle on the skin) 
  • Stay Dry layer of premium micro-fleece will keep baby feeling dry for hours! 
  • Quick drying time for shells & inserts mean that are great for cooler climates! 
  • Absorbency for the average wetting baby is great! Not as absorbent as a Fitted, these are a great option with a customisable insert. 
  • An hourglass insert, plus the long 'tails' mean you can adjust where the main absorbency lies as your babies needs change & adaptable to the different wet zones or boys & girls! 
  • The insert design gives you up to 12 layers of absorbency! 
  • If the nappy is wet, simply snap in a new insert and your away .. Re-using the shells between washes makes life easy! 
  • Change the sizing as your baby grows by adjusting the snaps differently for legs & waist. 

Tips for the Petite All-In-Two 

  • Small 2.5kg - 5kg Medium Size 5kg - 12kg, Large Size 10 - 16kg  
  • The legs & waist sizing can be set in different positions depending on your babies requirements. 
  • Snap the leg snaps into position first, then the waist snaps. 

The sizing is great but deceptive though! They look very tiny......a medium looks so little, yet fits our 27 month old petite girl perfectly.  The Large size is suitable for babies with 30cm+ thighs or taller toddlers.

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