Tiny Love Wind Chime

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  • Adorable clip-toy with engaging wide eyes and an all-smiles expression
  • The sweet-sounding wind chime will help develop baby's eye-hand coordination
  • Easy to grasp and hold
1-3 months
Baby randomly reaches out with her hand, bats at the toy, causing it to swing and make pleasing sounds – a captivating effect that encourages her to try again.
Baby Bunny Toy
3-6 months
Baby’s grasp reflex disappears and her control of her hands improves, allowing her to reach out confidently to bat the toy and make the fun sounds.
1. Use the clip to hang the bunny on your baby's car seat.
2. Hang it on baby's stroller as an on-the-go toy.
When baby tries to reach her hand out to touch Baby Bunny hanging in front of her, she lifts her arm as one unit, an action which starts where her arm meets her shoulder, strengthening her arm muscles. These muscles are part of the muscle group used when developing gross motor skills.
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