Angelcare Nappy Disposal System Refill Cassettes (4 Pack)

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Special 4 pack edition – save $$$ – approximately 4 months worth of nappy disposal bags!

Uses 75% less bag than other brands to contain nappies – better for the environment. Fits the Angelcare Nappy Bin.

The Nappy Disposal refill cassette has one continuous bag in it which can take up to 180 (size 1) or 128 (size 2) nappies.

Using this fantastic cassette, you won’t need multiple bags anymore! For each single cassette, using its continuous bag, dispose of your nappies for up to 28 days (per cassette).

The technology is simple – each week you can throw away the week’s worth of nappies using the cassette to break that part of the continuous bag. No need to replace your nappy disposal unit’s bag every single week. Just change the cassette once a month and you are ready for up to a month of ease and simplicity!

Listing is for 4 x single cassettes.

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