Angelcare ACS402 Digital Sound & Movement Monitor

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The Angelcare AC402 has received acclaim and renown around the world for its reliability and sound quality.

The Angelcare ACS402 is the same as the ACS401, except that it has 2 parent units instead of 1 parent unit. This means that if mum and dad are sleeping in separate bedrooms (as is common with parents of newborn twins because there are double the feeds/interruptions so often mum will take care of the night feeds so dad can sleep and go to work the next day) they can each have their own parent unit beside their bed. Or even if they are sleeping together in the same bed, each parent can have a unit next to their side of the bed, which is handy when there is a heavy sleeper involved!


  • Crystal clear enhanced transmission and reception
  • 8 Digital channels can be manually selected to eliminate any interference
  • Hold function to pause movement and sound
  • Soft and comforting halo night light
  • Easy to see and read digital colour LCD display
  • Temperature display control
  • Portable and rechargeable parent unit
  • Out of range indicator - Up to 250m range!*
  • Audio “Tic” feature confirms that your sensor pad is detecting movement
  • Under-the-mattress sensor pads monitor your babies movements & breathing
  • Activated by voice or continuous reception modes - user selectable
  • 5 sound volume levels
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Batteries or Mains operated
  • Sound lights


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