Angelcare ACS-401 Digital Sound & Movement Monitor

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  • Crystal clear enhanced transmission and reception
  • 8 Digital channels can be manually selected to eliminate any interference
  • Hold function to pause movement and sound
  • Soft and comforting halo night light
  • Easy to see and read digital colour LCD display
  • Temperature display control
  • Portable and rechargeable parent unit
  • Out of range indicator - Up to 250m range!*
  • Audio “Tic” feature confirms that your sensor pad is detecting movement
  • Under-the-mattress sensor pads monitor your babies movements & breathing
  • Activated by voice or continuous reception modes - user selectable
  • 5 sound volume levels
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Sound lights

Parent Unit Features:

  • 8 channels.
  • Colour LCD display.
  • Nursery temperature indicator (MIN 5c Max 40C & alarm-programmable by user) Sound indicator icon.
  • Movement indicator icon.
  • Out of range indicator (icon & optional alarm).
  • Low battery ion (shows levels) & alarm.
  • Alarm mode: alarm only/vibrator only/alarm & vibrator.

Nursery Unit Features:

  • Night light illuminates halo (manual ON/OFF switch).
  • Sensor pad adjustable sensitivity button.
  • Voice activated microphone sensitivity (4 levels).
  • Low battery indicator (warning light).
  • Alarm Indicator (warning light).
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