Angelcare AC701 Touch Screen Sound & Movement Monitor

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Baby Movement and Audio Monitor with Touch Screen Display and Wired Sensor Pad
With this fully equipped, touchscreen Movement & Sound Monitor system, you have all the bases covered. Along with the under-the-mattress Sensor Pad that lets you know if no baby movement is detected, this monitor has some great, innovative features that will keep you reassured. For example, it offers an adjustable nightlight that you can control from your portable Parent Unit and a low-emission “Eco” setting. The Parent Unit also comes with a two-way walkie-talkie feature that lets you soothe your baby from another room. Great peace of mind with such a smart little monitoring system.

Product Features

Two Way Talk
2-Way Talk-Back Feature

Use this baby monitor like a walkie-talkie and reassure your baby with the soothing sound of your voice.

Out-of-Range Indicator
Out-of-Range Indicator

Up to 820 feet (open field).

Eco Mode

Low emission setting.

digital transmission
Digital Transmission with Minimized Interference

– You want to be sure that your baby monitor is picking up signals from your baby’s nursery – not the neighbour’s! The Angelcare® baby monitor features 1.8GHz digital transmission with frequency hopping technology to minimize interference and optimize communication privacy and safety between your Nursery Unit and Parent Unit.

Portable & Rechargeable Parent Unit

If you are like most moms and dads, you take advantage of the moments baby is sleeping to get things done around your home. So carry the Parent Unit with you from room to room, for your peace of mind.

NIght Light
Adjustable Nursery Night Light

A gentle little glow to guide you when you walk into baby’s room. The nightlight intensity is adjustable from your portable parent unit.

Audio "Tic" Feature

Turn on this feature and your Parent Unit will make a ticking sound to reassure you that the monitor is working even when your baby is sleeping silently.

Low Battery
Low Battery Indicator

The low-battery indicator on the screen of the monitor lets you know when it's time to change the batteries.

Hold and Mute
Mute Function


Adjustable Movement Pad Sensitivity
Adjustable Movement Pad Sensitivity

Allows you to select your desired movement sensitivity level.

Parent Unit Locator
Parent Unit Locator

The Parent Unit may be small but you’ll be able to find it quickly with the push of a button.


This monitoring system has the flexibility to meet your specific needs. It works on movement & sound, sound only or movement only.

batteries or main operated
Batteries or Mains Operated

The battery option makes this system ideal for travel. Then, when you are at home, you can use the AC adapter to save your batteries for when you need them.

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