Difrax Natural S-Bottle 250 ml

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The distinctive S-baby bottle can be used immediately after birth for both full-term and premature babies. With its unscrewable base the S-baby bottle is easy to clean and to fill with cubes of frozen breast milk. Breast milk can be expressed directly into the S-baby bottle Natural by using the mummy-friendly Difrax breast pump.

The anti-colic valve prevents vacuum suction and ensures a constant flow of the nutrition allowing your baby to drink without interruptions and without swallowing air. This prevents chances of stomach cramps, burping and vomiting. The S-baby bottle is the first bottle that promotes a natural baby feeding & bonding position, while enabling parents to sit in a relaxed position! The Difrax S-baby bottles come in several trendy colours and sizes.

Tip: before each use we advise you to check whether the tiny air hole in the center of the valve is open by squeezing it several times.

Tip: Difrax has developed an innovative bottle warmer specifically for the Difrax S-baby bottles. The S-bottle warmer heats up baby milk to the ideal breastfeeding temperature of 37°C within 3 minutes.


- Reduces chances of stomach cramps, colic, reflux and burping
- The ergonomic S-shape promotes a natural feeding position
- Ideal for combining bottle feeding and breastfeeding
- S-shaped design stimulates the natural curved lying posture of your child, as recommended by doctors
- Microwave and dishwasher safe
- With soft Difrax teat in Natural Small size with extra grip for your child

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